FixPix Desktop

Download and install FixPix Desktop and you get to have your own personal AI application to process any image on your computer.

Once you install it and the AI components you want to use, all the advanced image processing is done on your own desktop. No external dependencies - not even an Internet connection.

A lifetime FixPix Desktop license costs $17. You can an order a license below via PayPro Global, a well known and highly trusted e-commerce platform.

Below are some screenshots of FixPix Desktop in action. You can also check out the quick manual to get an impression of the features before downloading and installing.

General look

The entire FixPix Desktop application runs locally in your internet browser

Many Features

FixPix Desktop has many image processing features utilizing various algorithms, including various models of deep neural networks for performing AI functions on your pictures

FixPix Desktop is modular, so you can download and install additional FixPix Desktop plugins with new features.

Image Restoration

The oldest selfie in existance was taken in 1839 by an amateur chemist and photography enthusiast from Philadelphia named Robert Cornelius

You can see the before and after effects on performing a restoration of the original image using FixPix Desktop

More Restoration

A low resolution image of the Mona Lisa (on the left) enhanced (on the right) after feeding it to FixPix Desktop


A style transfer applied on the above enhanced Mona Lisa image

Many Styles and Functions

Just a small glimpse of some of the image transformations you can perform on any image on your PC using FixPix Desktop.

  • Various artistics style transfers (more are continuously added)

  • Enhance blurred faces in images

  • Create cartoons from faces

  • Automatically colorize old black and white photos

Two different style transfers on some elephants

Girl with a Pearl Earring (Johannes Vermeer, 1665)
Notice how cracks are cleared after processing

Einstein - Black & White to Color

To illustrate the power of the deep neural networks that FixPix Desktop uses, the following are some image conversions of some old original black and white photos of Albert Einstein (with collegues and family) to colorized pictures.

Give FixPix Desktop a try!

All this processing power is only a download away.

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