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Some Features of FixPix

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Cartoon Conversions
Monochrone Art
More Monochrone Art
Many Style Transfers
Browse Huge Number of Files
Create Folder Bookmarks
Various Processing Features
Extensive Help
Cartoon from Picture
Picture From Pictures
Create Collages
Colorize Images
Enhance features

Your Ultimate Image Processing Plaform

Elevate your images to new heights with FixPix - the versatile software which makes image transformations a breeze, with modular plugins that can perform everything from basic image manipulations and filters to artwork, computational photography and restoration. With FixPix, you can effortlessly enhance the quality and visual appeal of your images using cutting-edge AI methods. Whether you're a professional photographer, a creative artist, or just looking to improve your image manipulation skills, FixPix has some powerful tools to achieve stunning results. Try FixPix today and unlock the full potential of your images and your creativity!

FixPix is rapidly evolving with new features and functions so remember to check back once in a while.

Will the FixPix web service (SaaS) return?

Yes, that is the plan. The previous SaaS version required some infrastructure changes to meet the vision so it has been taken offline until they will be implemented. In the meantime, download and give the FixPix home version a try. This version runs on your computer, so it is always online!


Download and install FixPix and get your own personal AI application to process any image on your computer.

After installing FixPix Home, you can download additional AI components you wish to use. After that, all the advanced image processing is done on your own PC with no external dependencies, not even an Internet connection.

The Demo version of Fixpix Home is limited to processing 50 images and adds a small QR code on the bottom right part of the generated image. If you purchase a license for the full version of Fixpix Home the application will become fully functional.

FixPix is being continually improved and there is always long list of planned improvements and processing features for the next release. Once purchased, there is a lifetime guarantee for free product upgrades. The price is a one-time $15 payment.

What about versions for Mac Intel and Linux?

These are being developed as well. Please check back for updates.

For Developers

FixPix offers a simple and flexible API that makes it easy to add custom plugins to the software. Using Python for the backend and HTML/CSS/JavaScript for the front end, you can seamlessly integrate your own image processing algorithms and techniques into FixPix. With the API, you can easily extend the functionality of FixPix to suit your specific needs, whether it's for research, commercial applications, or personal projects. As a developer you can start exploring the possibilities of FixPix today!

Until the formal FixPix developer documentation is released, you can have a look at some plugin examples that come bundled with the installation package, such as the Basic plugin (in the \Users\<username>\FixPix\fixpix\features directory in Windows and in the /Library/FixPix/fixpix/features directory on macOS).

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