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  • Currently availble for Windows (FixPix application for Mac will be available soon).

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From Creators, For Creators

FixPix brings you the highest quality image-processing A.I. at the lowest cost by integrating open source implementations of cutting edge A.I. technologies with the best and most effective Web technologies.



Use your imagination and the power of A.I. to enhance and create stunning new media


App Developers

Use FixPix for your next killer-app. Extremely Simple API, Extremely Low Cost


Data Scientists

Show the world the latest A.I. model you've created, and join the FixPix hall of fame



No need to discuss the potential of A.I. Instead, let's discus what we can do together 🙂

Pricing: Simple. Transparent. Competitive.


FixPix is optimized to offer the lowest possible price for the features you get.

No recurring image processing fees. With FixPix's services you deposit an initial sum (minimum of $12) and then 4.3 cents are deducted for each image processed.


You can choose to keep or delete any of your uploaded and processed images. Should you choose to keep images, an additional amount of 0.1 cent ($0.001) per image per month (pro rata) will be deducted from your balance (so keeping 100 images will deduct 10 cents from your balance each month).

If the balance drops to zero then after a grace period, all stored images will be removed from the account.

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