FixPix Quick Help

As per the above great quote, this documentation was written in the hope that no one will need to read it, however until perfection is achieved it is provided here:

Note 👉 To dismiss this help window (or any other window shown in the FixPix application) just click the mouse anywhere in the shaded area around it or press the Esc key on your keyboard (yeah, that definitely needed explaining...)

Welcome to the FixPix image-processing application. This will serve as a quick getting started guide.

After Launch

When you launch FixPix, you'll see a loading animation for a few seconds (could take a bit longer the first time FixPix is launched). After loading is complete, you'll be able to browse your disk for images to process. For example, your first screen could look something like this:


File Ordering

You can change the order in which files appear as follows:

File Selection

To perform actions on files, they first need to be selected. Additional action buttons will be available in the toolbar after selecting one or more files to process. Below is an example of 3 files that were selected by clicking on them (notice that additional buttons are now avilable to process the selected files):

Actions on selected files

Note 👉 All dialog windows can be dismissed by clicking the darker area around the dialog window or by pressing the Esc key on the keyboard

Comparing Two Files

When exactly two files are selected, an additional image comparison button becomes available ( ) as can be seen in the example below:

Clicking this comparison button opens the image comparison window where you can move a slider left and right to see the detailed differences between the images, as shown below:

You can also simulateously zoom in and out of both images using the mouse wheel as well as simultaneously pan both images by dragging them with the mouse pointer.

As always, you can close this window by clicking outside the dialog window or by pressing the keyboard Esc key

Note 👉 The image on the left of the comparison window will be the image that was clicked first when selecting the files to compare

Finally - The Cool Stuff: Processing Images!

Even Cooler Stuff: Processing Images with AI!

Admittedly, the initial set of image processing functions that are bundled with FixPix are quite boring (other than perhaps Random Binary Dithering) and are available in any simple image processing sofware. What makes FixPix different is it's ability to import additional plugins, each of which can contain one ore more sophisticated image processing features (such as those that utilize deep neural networks).

The additional FixPix plugins with the more sophisticated features are readily available for installation from within FixPix. The reason they are not pre-installed is that they make use of large deep neural network models and would make the FixPix application size to large for a typical installation. Making them separately downloadable also gives you freedom to choose which feature you wish to install.

Installing FixPix Plugins

To see the list of additionaly available FixPix plugins (i.e, those with the cooler features...) first open the features window as previously described (by selecting a file to process and clicking the icon in the toolbar.

This concludes the quick introduction to the FixPix image processing application. If you have any questions or suggestions please send them to All emails are read and personally responded to.